Current Projects

The Dixieland Neighborhood Association is working on a number of projects and issues.

If you are interested in helping with any of these projects or have ideas of your own please email


Neighborhood Watch Signs

In early June 2020, 20 new signs were placed in the community, mostly to replace existing signs. In response to requests from neighbors for additional signs we are continuing the project by allowing residents to sponsor signs at a location of their choosing.

Century Homes

Like the century homes project in Lake Morton neighborhood, Dixieland has it’s own century homes project administered by Jason Hagerman.

Garden Flags

A flag design has been chosen after gaining nearly 65% of the total votes! Flags have been ordered and are available for purchase in the merchandise section of the website.

Dixieland AlleyFest

The first ever Dixieland AlleyFest is happening this November! Check out the link at the top of the page for more info!


A former member created a number of potential t-shirt designs. In the near future we would like to find a supplier to create shirts for one of the designs and begin selling on our website.

Identification Sign Restoration

In 2021 a second sign was placed in Naylor Park to match the Historic Dixieland Sign located at the corner of Hillcrest Ave and S Florida Ave. Both signs have been cleaned and repainted by Jason and Hope Hagerman.

Great News!

June 2022

At this time there are no major issues to address in Dixieland.