State of Dixieland (Annual) Meeting Information

November 10, 2020

Officer Elections

This year the positions of President-elect (Vice President) and Treasurer were up for election.
Any resident, business owner, or property owner in the Dixieland Historic district can serve in these positions and/ or submit nominations.

Election Results

Lore O’Conner Bruzell was elected VP and Barbara Watkins was re-elected treasurer both by unanimous vote. The proposed changes to the bylaws were approved by a unanimous vote.

Proposed APPROVED Amendments to the Dixieland Neighborhood Association Bylaws

By clicking the attached PDF below, you will see the current bylaws. Text in red is the change.

Summary of changes November 2020:

Article VI:

Sections 3- Change of wording for officers board members and terms. Section 4- Clarifying language for the formation of a nominating committee and process for nominations.
Section 6- Remove clause providing for president elect to be automatically appointed president at the end of the president’s term. Add clause providing for a transition of power in the event of a vacancy in the office of president.

Section 8- Remove provision requiring two signature checks.
Section 9- Clarifying language added.
Section 10- Language changed to agree with the amendments to section 6.
Section 12- Clarifying language added.

Article IX

Section 4&5-Change the name of “Annual Meeting” to State of Dixieland Meeting”

Article X

Addition of article outlining the Dixieland website and online presence.

Annual Report

President Tonya Rogers presented a small annual report at this meeting. A recording can be seen here.